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Business packages

Please Email us to enquire about what we can offer your business

We work with any budget 

A great way to reward, engage and motivate your teams

Image by Austin Distel

Bespoke Snacking rewards

We can tailor packages to any size business

We can deliver Individual snack gift boxes to your colleagues home or an office location

We also offer sharing boxes to inspire your employees snacking story

On a subscription or one off basis

We will work with you to source products even if they are not part of our normal range

+ Tiered Discount on any orders over £50

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Specialist Drinks

We can include specialist regional coffee and tea in every box


We can also include bespoke cold drinks from the best regional producers

Image by Jessica Lewis
Image by Brooke Lark

Bespoke and tailored

Fully customisable

We will work with you to source any product or accessory even if its not part of our normal range creating the ultimate snack experience

Our snack designers will give you personalised advice and suggestions to wow your employees

Think you don't have time, we can create your package for you, if you like just ask.

Can tailor to each employees nutritional requirements, flavour preferences and circumstances

For Business & Office